Chilli "Riders Choice" Complete - Gold / HIC

Dec Distribution

The all new Chilli "Riders Choice" complete comes right out of the box with a bigger, more comfortable deck which is most popular right now. This scooter also comes with the one and only Spider HIC System which is very unique because it allows you to run standard bars but also regular SCS if you remove the HIC system of course. There aren't many scooters that come with something so convenient like it. You cant beat the price for such a light weight scooter thats only 7.8 pounds!


  • Bar Height/Width: 24" x 23.5" (122 x 520 mm)
  • Compression: Spider HIC System
  • Slit: YES
  • Headset: Integrated
  • Fork Max Wheel Size: 125mm
  • Fork Material: Aluminum
  • Deck Length/Width: 20.5" x 5" (520 x 127mm)
  • Deck Foot Space: 14.5"
  • Deck Max. Wheel Size: 110mm
  • Wheels: 110mm Metal Cores
  • Overall Weight: 7.8 lbs