Havoc Descendant Complete Scooter - Jai Walker Signature Pro Model

Deadset Scooters

Personally designed by Havoc Pro Scooters original team rider Jai Walker, the Descendant is crafted to be the perfect all-round fit for riders!

Solid, comfortable and well balanced, the Descendant runs HiC Compression which is easy to use and maintain.

This scooter is the perfect option for riders looking for a high quality, solid, all-round scooter built for pushing your tricks to the next level!


  • Weight: 4.90kg (10.80lbs)
  • Overall Height: 35.23”
  • Bar Height: 25.19”
  • Bar Width: 23.42”
  • Deck Length: 21.06”
  • Deck Width: 4.72”
  • Foot Space: 14.76”
  • Wheels: 120mm Full Core
  • Compression: HIC

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