Lucky Covenant Complete Scooter

The Lucky Covenant Complete Scooter is a true work of art in both aesthetic and function.  

Thiscomplete scooter is made for dedicatedriders who demand outstanding design, durability and quality. Those unrivaled features have helped make itLucky’sBEST selling scooter for two years running.

For the first time EVER,The Lucky Covenant is composed of an Aluminum Airbar,Black Anodized IHC Huracan™ Fork, a 20.5” x 4.8” Wide Deck, and up to 120mm Toaster Wheels™. Did we mention the deck and bar graphics were also designed byscooterindustry legend Ryan Upchurch? We told you it was a masterpiece. 

The Covenant belongs in a museum, but we think it looks better under your feet at theparkor on thestreet. Start shredding with style with the Lucky Covenant Complete Scooter.


Deck: Covenant™ 20.5” x 4.8” (521mm x 122mm) Neo
Griptape: GripperTape™ - Covenant Black
Grips: TackiGrips™ - Black
Wheels: Toaster™ 120mm
Bars: AirBar™ Aluminum 25“ x 24” (635mm x 610mm) - Black
Clamp: Double Clamp - Black Anodized
Fork: Huracan™ IHC - Black Anodized
Brake: Steely™ - Black Powder Coat
Weight: 7.6lbs (3.4kg)

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