North Scooters Jordan Tutt Signature Wheels 110mm x 24mm

This signature wheel utilizes the Signal Wheel core and come in 110 x 24mmand 115 x 30mm sizes. This wheel does come with our all new Abec 9 North Bearings pre-installed.

Note from Tutty:
"Well as everyone knows I’m from jersey and my design is based off the logo for the golden state parkway, I’ve always thought that it was kind of sick. I also have Run NJ on there because that’s me and my homies lil clique. My favorite color is also light blue, so that’s the reason for the urethane and the rest is history!"

We offer Lifetime Warranty against chunking and de-hubbing on all our wheels.

110 x 24mm

Cream/Light Blue

88a high rebound urethane
6061 aluminum cnc core
North abec 9 bearings pre-installed
Unique core profile for increased durability
Perfect core/urethane ratio for the best feel

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