North Scooters Transit V2 Deck [5.3" wide]

The North Transit Deck is back and better than ever.

This is the second version of the Transit, with all new graphics and 5 new colorways. The transit has some impressive specs including a 5.3" width, 3D forged headtube, a thinner profile for a better feel, and just enough concave. Making it a must cop for any street rider.

Featuring improvements and changes from the previous version like:

  • New Material: The V2 uses a stronger 6061 T6 Aluminum, versus the previous 7075 Aluminum.
  • Updated Geometry: The V2 is cut different in front and rear to create a better spot for crooks and prevent rear dropouts from bending.
  • Changes in Headtube: The V2 has taken out some material for weight reduction.
  • All new Graphics.


  • 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • 3D Forged Headtube
  • 83.5° Headtube Angle
  • CNC Machined Deck Ends (Reversible)
  • Includes Spacers to fit 30mm Wide Wheels
  • Weight: 1.9kg (4lbs)