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Edmonton Skateboarding & Scooter Camps

Evolve Camps will once again be operating skateboarding and scooter camps in Edmonton. We are thrilled to be back in Edmonton for the summer of 2017!

When you think summer camp, “fun” is the first word that comes to mind. The camp is all about having fun, and Evolve Camps knows how to take it to the next level! They provide a unique opportunity to spend the day at skateparks surrounded by kids with similar interests and staff that are passionate about what they do. Not do Evolve run the best action sports camps in Canada, they run some of the best summer camps our country has to offer – period! Evolve offers campers an exciting and engaging experience, unlike any other day camp atmosphere in Edmonton.


Daily Schedule At Camp

Every day we focus on progression. In the mornings our campers work closely with coaches to develop new skills or further enhance those they already have. Throughout the day we throw in some other fun activities like pie eating contests, egg toss, relay races, basketball games and more. Below is a schedule of what our typical day looks like at camp. 

Check out some of our fun activities at camp:

7:30-8:30am Pickup by bus
9:00am Arrive at Skateboard Park, Camp Announcements, Intro to day’s events & schedule
9:15am Gear Check – All Campers will check their boards to make sure they’re working properly and will put on safety gear
10:00am Break up into groups, begin Stretching Session
10:20am Skateboard Instruction
12:00pm Lunch- Please bring a packed a lunch from home
12:30pm Skateboard Instruction & Free Skate
1:30pm Swim (if pool) or other activity
3:00pm Depart
3:45-4:45pm Drop off by bus

Bus Pick Up Locations Edmonton

Edmonton Camps Skateparks

The best part of our camp is that we do not stay in one park for the whole week. Throughout the week, we visit many different skateparks.

Here is a list of the parks we visit:



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