Warranty Policy

Most distributors and their manufacturers have 90-day warranties from the date of purchase that cover direct manufacturing faults or failures in their products. As with all sporting equipment, scooter equipment can get damaged as a direct result of using it for its intended purpose. Such damage to equipment is not covered under warranty.

After receiving your warranty claim, we must communicate your claim to the manufacturer and distributor. We ask for your patience as this process can take several weeks. All communication regarding warranty claims is done over email. Our email can be found below. 

Before making a warranty claim please note the following:

    1. A warranty covers manufacturing defects of the product. A warranty does not cover damage caused by riding the scooter, even on the first day! 
    2. Any warranty is voided on products that show clear misuse or damage caused by, or related to improper riding technique. 
    3. Most manufacturers will not cover warranty claims on products that show excessive or obvious wear directly or indirectly related to the claim.
    4. Any modification to a product (such as cutting bars) will void the manufacturer's warranty for that individual part as well as any associated parts.
    5. If you believe that you have a manufacturing defect please send an email to info@cosmicproscooters.com and include:

a. Pictures of the broken part from multiple angles
b. Pictures of the whole scooter from multiple angles
c. Your telephone number, shipping address and Order Number


** Please note:  There is no need to drop your scooter at our store or ship the scooter to us until instructed to do so. **