Tilt Scooters

Custom Tilt Scooter

Tilt are industry experts at creatinghigh-quality scooter parts that provide the absolute bestfreestyle scootering performance. That’s why we had the Cosmic design team assemble a custom ride made almost entirely from their greatest components. 

The Custom Tilt Scooter is composed of: 

Deck: Tilt Stage 3 Theory - Ultimatecontrol for whip and bar combo tricks.

Bars: Tilt Sentry - Backsweep and upsweep for added comfort.       

Clamp: Tilt Rigid SCS - Large and durable with plenty of response.

HeadsetTilt Red  -  High-quality sealed bearings provide a blistering fast spin.

Fork: Tilt Rigid - Smooth grinds and smoother wheel changes

Wheels: Tilt Stage 3 30X120 - The perfect blend of speed, traction, and hardness.

Grips: North Dust (Pink) - Ultra-grippy and ultra-comfortable.