Havoc Descendant Complete Scooter

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The Havoc Descendant Complete is thepro scooterof choice for those who require a well-rounded ride to maximize their potential.  

The Descendant V4.0 is a jack of all trades andtricks. It excels at balancing quality, versatility, and performance. That’s on purpose, as thisscooter was personally designedbyHavoc’s very own Dejion Taylor to offer riders more flexibility. He wanted to create ascooter that could adapt to any style and grow with every type of rider. Mission accomplished. 

This scooter's high-quality components including Havoc T-bars, HIC compression,120mm full core wheels, Aluminum Flex brake, New design CNC 2 double clamp, and a lightweight frame ensure your descendant lasts as long as your passion. 

Ascend your skill with theThe Havoc Descendant Complete Scooter.


  • Bars: 26” x 23” (660mm x 584mm)
  • Deck: 19.6” x 4.5” (533mm x 127mm)
  • Brake: Havoc Aluminum Flex Brake
  • Fork: Havoc Heat treated Aluminum Fork
  • Headset: Havoc Fully Sealed Integrated Headset
  • Compression: Havoc HIC
  • Clamp: Havoc New design CNC Double Clamp
  • Wheels: Havoc 110mm 85-88 Pu High rebound
  • Grips: Havoc Grips
  • Total Weight: 8.80lbs (3.99Kg)