2021 North Scooters Horizon Deck – Legauch Sig

Lachlan has been on North since day one, he’s a big reason why we are even around today. A man of many hobbies, Lachlan is known as much for his random talents like kendama as he is for over 50s and if he’s around there’s never a dull moment. He has had a couple sig decks with us in the past, and after a short hiatus we couldn’t be happier to be dropping a third.

Lachlan on his graphic:
"Howdy y’all, I bet u are probably wondering about this graphic. Well it’s quite simple, that’s a little Canadian goose on the bottom and there millions up here and I just think it looks dope poking his head in the water. That designs inspiration comes from a drawing I saw in Victoria on one of my recent trips. I think it’s awesome :)"

5.6" x 21"

Dark Aqua

6061 T-6 aluminum
83.5° headtube angle
3D forged headtube
3° concave
Fully flat bottom
 machined aluminum deck ends
(includes spacers to fit 30mm wheel)

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