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Eretic Slope V2 Snow Scooter scoot

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Eretic Slope V2 Snow scooter

Here is the Slope version, designed for tricks with narrower and lighter skis than the powder version.

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Endless Summer with Snow Scooters

Keep scootering during the winter season with the Eretic Snowscoot. Featuring a design closely resembling a standard scooter, it facilitates tricks like barspins and whips in snowy conditions.

Equipped with wide powder skis and a fixed fork, this snowscoot incorporates rider-developed components to deliver a thrilling experience in deep powder snow. Its lightweight construction ensures durability even with thick boots, thanks to steel deck pins providing excellent grip.


Weight : 11.37 lbs (5160g)
Deck Lenght : 22,8 in (580mm)
Deck Width : 5,5 in (140mm)
Angle : 81°
Material : Aluminium 6061 / Steel 4130
Bar Height : 28,4 in (720mm)
Bar Width : 24,4 in (620mm)
Diameter : 34,9mm
Compression Type : HIC