North Scooters Jackson Brower Signature Wheels 110mm x 24 mm

This signature wheel utilizes the Signal Wheel core and come in 110 x 24mm and 115 x 30mm sizes. This wheel does come with our all new Abec 9 North Bearings pre-installed.

Note from Jackson Brower:
"Once I heard that I was getting signature wheels, I immediately knew what I wanted my graphic to consist of. If you know me, I like to have a great time with the boys and drink some brews, and have a consistency of passing out with a cheap beer in my hand, so my friends Lucas & Pat drew up a graphic for my wheels that shows just that, I couldn’t be more stoked! Cheers!"

We offer Lifetime Warranty against chunking and de-hubbing on all our wheels.

110 x 24mm

Black/Pastel Orange

88a high rebound urethane
6061 aluminum cnc core
North abec 9 bearings pre-installed
Unique core profile for increased durability
Perfect core/urethane ratio for the best feel

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