Tilt Scooters

TiLT Rigid SCS

The Rigid SCS is part of Tilt’s Stage III collection and is designed to accommodate those of you riding the larger bars that are becoming popular in the industry. This SCS is overall taller in height to increase rigidity and clamping power.

The added height is achieved by the integrated dust cover design. In turn, you won't need to ride a headset dust cover, and the Rigid SCS has a sleek and streamlined look. Internal cutouts save weight making this scs our most innovative compression system to date. If you want tighter, stronger compression, this SCS is for you.


  • Weight: 9.3oz incl. hardware
  • Material: Anodized billet 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Height: 3.6" with integrated dust cover
  • Hardware: Pre-greased custom bolts


  • Handlebars: Standard 1-¼" and oversized 1-⅜"
  • Shim: 45.9mm Height
  • Clamp & Compression Bolts: M8
  • Compression Washer: M8
  • Headset: 1-⅛" Threadless


  • Clamp and compression bolts, compression washer, and shim